What’s the Price of Shoney’s Buffet? Find Out Now!

The price of Shoney’s buffet may vary depending on the location, but typically it ranges from $8 to $12 per person. Shoney’s is a popular family-style restaurant chain known for its wide range of buffet offerings such as breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and dessert items.

The buffet is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and each location has its own specific menu. Shoney’s has been around for over 70 years and has over 100 locations across the United States. Their buffet has been a favorite among customers as it offers something for everyone.

Whether you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying dinner, Shoney’s buffet is a great option for a filling and affordable meal.

Shoney’s Buffet Overview

Question Answer
What is Shoney’s? Shoney’s is a popular restaurant chain in the United States known for its breakfast buffet and fresh food bar.
What is the Fresh Food Bar? The Fresh Food Bar is a popular feature at Shoney’s restaurants where you can find freshly prepared entrées, seafood, sides, and more.
What’s on the buffet? The Shoney’s buffet features a variety of breakfast items, such as scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, and gravy. There are also lunch and dinner items, including fried chicken and vegetables.
Are there specialty items? Yes, Shoney’s also offers specialty items on their menu, such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads. They also have a kids menu and desserts.

Shoney’s buffet prices vary depending on the location and time of day. They typically offer a senior buffet price and a daily buffet menu. The lunch buffet hours are usually from 11am to 2pm, and prices for the Friday buffet menu with prices and the Sunday buffet menu may differ. If you’re looking for the price of Shoney’s buffet per person near you, you can easily find it by checking their website or calling the nearest restaurant.

What's the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Find Out Now!

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Shoney’s Buffet Prices

The prices for Shoney’s buffet vary depending on the location and day of the week. On regular business days, the price per person ranges from $9 to $12, while on special buffet days such as Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas, the price can be higher. It’s best to check the specific Shoney’s location for their prices.

As for senior discounts, Shoney’s offers a discount for seniors aged 60 and above, and the price per person may vary for them as well. The exact discount amount and buffet price can differ between locations.

Shoney’s does offer a lunch buffet in addition to its breakfast and dinner buffets. However, the availability and price for the lunch buffet cannot be determined without checking the specific location.

Shoney’s Restaurant Information

The price of Shoney’s buffet varies by location, but it typically ranges from $8 to $12 per person. In addition to the buffet, Shoney’s also offers a menu with items such as burgers, sandwiches, and entrées.

Shoney’s is a restaurant chain that was founded in 1947 in Charleston, West Virginia. Today, it has over 150 locations in the United States, primarily in the Southeast.

Some people may confuse Shoney’s with Big Boy, another restaurant chain, but they are not the same. However, they do share a similar history, as they were both founded in the 1940s and were once part of the same parent company.

To find a Shoney’s location near you, visit their website or search online. Their menu and prices can also be found online, including their Fresh Food Bar which features a variety of dishes including entrées, sides, and salads.

What's the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Find Out Now!

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Reviews And Ratings

Shoney’s Buffet Prices: Adults: $varies by location
Children (ages 4-10): $varies by location

While the price of the Shoney’s buffet may vary by location, several reviews have given insight into the pricing. On Tripadvisor, many reviewers have noted the buffet to be affordable and reasonably priced. A reviewer on Reddit r/FoodLosAngeles mentioned that the French toast sticks, powdered eggs, bacon, fruit cocktail, and honeydew were all included in the buffet price. On Fast Food Menu Prices, adults are estimated to pay less than $10 and children under 10 years old are estimated to pay less than $5. Ultimately, it is best to check with your local Shoney’s for their current buffet prices.

What's the Price of Shoney's Buffet? Find Out Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions On What Is The Price Of Shoney’s Buffet

Are Shoney’s And Big Boy The Same?

No, Shoney’s and Big Boy are not the same. They are two separate restaurant chains with their own unique histories, menus, and branding. Shoney’s has 150+ locations in the United States, while Big Boy has around 70 locations.

How Many Shoney’s Restaurants Are In Tennessee?

There are a total of 42 Shoney’s restaurants in Tennessee.

How Many Shoney’s Restaurants Are In Florida?

There are no exact details on the number of Shoney’s restaurants in Florida.

What Is The Price Of Shoney’s Buffet Per Person?

The price of Shoney’s buffet per person varies by location and day of the week. On average, it ranges from $8 to $12.


To sum it up, Shoney’s buffet offers an array of delicious food items at an affordable price. The price of the buffet varies according to location, but seniors get discounts, making it even more appealing. From fresh salads to mouthwatering desserts, Shoney’s has something for everyone.

So, if you are looking for a great place for a perfect family outing, visit your nearest Shoney’s and indulge in their delectable buffet today!

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